5 destinations for € 99

Before explaing everything, let’s do a short preview: 

  • 5 bus rides
  • only 99 euros 
  • 1,700 destinations in 28 countries to choose
  • valid for 3 months 


With InterFlix you can travel by bus and discover 5 cities all across Europe for only 99 euros. 
This is an offer with Flixbus. I’ve travelled with this company a few times in the past, and finally, I decided to get an InterFlix voucher!

Truth is I’ve read some not good reviews about InterFlix but those sounded as they could be rather punctual and personal issues (with the credit card, etc) other than InterFlix not working good.
I had good experiences travelling with the company several times, including using the  customer support to exchange a tickets once… so I decided to give it a try and do my own judment!

I do my best to travel the most environmentally-friendly way, at least inside Europe, always I can. Besides that, this Interflix can be a really good deal in terms of price.

My experience so far:

I bought the Interflix voucher, in less than 24 h the vouchers where active.

So far I’m using the vouchers for night bus rides.

  • Booking is very simple and easy, you can use either the website wither the app.
  • One can should the ticket in the app /mobile
  • My first ticket would have cost me 49,90 euros
  • 2nd tickect would have cost 32,90 euros
  • 3rd ticket was in 29,90 eur the cheapest…
  • No problems at all with the vouchers or bookings
  • Confortable rides, Free with, plugs to charge my phone, etc…
  • They were very punctual departing and arriving.
Prague, Czech Republic
Prague, Czech Republic

My first destination was Prague
My second destination was Zagreb
Then I went to Sarajevo and back to Zagreb but with other bus company, as this is a route Flixbus doesn’t travel…

Italy is next!

Find more about Flixbus: here

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