About Me

Hello! Olá, Hola, Salut, Bok!
I’m Mayana. Thanks for stopping by.

My friends ask me more often “where am I” than “how am I”… odd.
I’m originally from Portugal, but since 2014 I’ve been living in over 12 different cities. I don’t even know anymore.

A world traveller | A vegan around
| Photo-reporter | Freelance writer
Sometimes they call me a nomad…

“Travelling is a way of happiness”, the joy of arriving in new surroundings, wandering, exploring, getting a little lost and amazed with the particularities of each place, nature, culture… architecture, street art, to learn and experience…
That’s my way. More than visiting places, living places: observe, absorb, wander and get lost. But find the true essence of each place, culture, people…