Challenge: Happiness

What makes you happy?

During 2018, I’ve come up with an experimental idea for my travel diary.
Every day, from 1 to 365, I’ve written a word (or short sentence) about what made me happy on that day.

Simple things, anything positve, anything that made my day better, or simply genuinely smiling.

And the results are actually what I have expected… the simple, small things…
Curious? Here are some of the entries (in more repetition):

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash
Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash
  • Hugs
  • Smiles
  • Friends (to meet up, to receive visits…)
  • Long and meaningful conversations
  • Animals (to be greeted or to pet a furry friend; to see any beautiful soul)
  • Travelling (to book a trip) and…
  • To arrive somewhere new or somewhere I’ve missed
  • Food: To eat my favourite fruit or any new (good) food
  • To have tasty food (vegan) cooked for someone else^^
  • To help someone*
  • To fix something
  • Unexpected gifts
  • To walk on the beach
  • First minutes of Snow
  • Last minutes of rain
  • Sunny days in winter;
  • Sunny days and warm summer nights^^
  • Kindness. To see people being nice and kind to each other


The idea was not “to see the list results” but a simple try of remembering the value of happiness, to notice the small things.
To be grateful for whatever good things happened in our day…

It’s common, that people value things more what they have less, or after losing something, after not having something for a long time, etc.
People have this tendency for forgetting the value of the simple things; of people in their lives. We have this bad tendency of giving it for granted, and nothing/nobody is.

So, this writing experience was to remember that even in the terrible days, months, or year; there were still, always, some good things!

And yes, there were terrible days.
I was not able to write the 365. Are you?

There are days that the only thing one can write is the number…or “survive”.
And it’s ok!

2018 was…

The best and the worse, so close.
Together. Mixed. Wicked…
My general mood: mixed feelings.
Trying to keep moving forward, step by step, trying not to fall.
Just keep moving.
But, between frustrating work (and quitting).
Travelling, Trying to get back to freelance and writing (article 1).
Deaths. Emotional meltdown.
I also had the best house and flatmates ever. One of the best volunteering projects ever…
Travelling to new cities; new countries; almost without plans, destiny, without another house beside the place I can sleep…

The happiest moments… before the hardest lost. The hardest heartbreak.

The Best and the Worse are so close;
I hope everybody can see the ‘best’ and enjoy it… on time.
Before it’s gone.


What I know now, is that we can try to find the good in everything, always.
(We should, for our sake!)
But it’s ok, that some days…we don’t.
Especially if we’re going through something that bad, sad, difficult, painful.
No rush. Healing is a slow process. No pressure.
It’s ok!

The most important thing, I’m trying to convince my mind is…
The meaning of Forgiveness.
And I’ve ‘learnt’ it with this very interesting definition:

“Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could be any different”

We need to forgive. To let go. And to move on…

Photo by Lina Trochez on Unsplash
Photo by Lina Trochez on Unsplash

2019: Challenge

(For 2019, I’ll do the same ‘writing experience’ but instead of every day, I’ll make it a weekly challenge.!)

One thought on “Challenge: Happiness

  1. Inspirade words! My 2018 was that way, giving meaning to every little thing and much more for the peoples that cross my path! I think when you really pay atention everything can be your teacher! I hope we meet each other in this new year with more histories to share! great work! Congrats Flor!

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