Freelance Writters Wanted!

Are you Interested in writing about…

Fitness? Or maybe more into Technology?
Apple products? Fashion?
You can write about what you like and… Being paid $40 (Aus) per 1000 words.

Main Advantages, for me:

  • Opportunity to start a career as a freelance writer
  • Work from anywhere, anytime
  • Free Professional Training (WordPress, Social Media, Marketing etc)
  • Help in setting up a website/Blog
  • Being paid (of course) per article

Travel Writing

My personal choice is Travel, so I’ve been starting with Travelista Club. I’ve written an article about “Living and Exploring Wales (UK)” (like it?)
But you can find in the links below what interests you the most, or share with someone.
I well know, starting something is not always easy… but when you want something, you better give it a try!!
Take a look at the links. Good luck!

Travelista Club
Travel Writing

Artificial Intelligence Writing

IPhone Topic
Apple Products Writing

Hotels Boutique Spain
Hotels Writing Spain

Tech WTF
Technology Writing

Tropicalist Australia
Travel Writing Australia

Nupathe Health & Medical Solutions
Health & Medical Writing

Fashion Shopr
Fashion & Accessories Writing Australia

Beauty Shopr
Beauty Writing Australia

Twisted Fitness
Fitness Writing

Children, Games & Toys Shopr
Children, Games & Toys Writing Australia

Jewellery Shopr
Jewellery Writing Australia

Home & Garden Shopr
Home & Garden Products Writing Australia

Office & Work Shopr
Office & Work Writing Australia

Software Shopr
Software Writing Australia

Muslim & Islamic Shopr
Muslim & Islamic Writing Australia

LGBTQ Pride Shopr
LGBTQ Pride Writing Australia

Adult Shopr
Adult Writing Australia

Baby Shopr
Baby Writing Australia

Party & Celebrations Shopr
Party & Celebrations Writing Australia

Be a Freelance writter, anywhere

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