Hitchhiking Journey

Barcelona (Spain) > Marseille > Saint Tropez (France) > Genova > Padova (Italy) > Zagreb > Opatja (Croatia) > Torino (Italy) > Valence (France) > Barcelone.
Duration and Distance: [13 days] [more than 3300 km]
Hitchhiking: total 47 rides.

Marseille (France)
France.1st proper stop and visit. It’s the second biggest city in France
Thanks to our rides we learn a lot about the city from a local perspective.
It was also our first truck ride!
It was sunny and hot!

Saint Tropez (France)
2nd proper stop-visit, Saint Tropez (France) a tiny but very peculiar village.. and gorgeous
Beautifull Sunset. Everybody looks so fancy, and we so happy backpacking, sleeping outside,

Grimaud (France)
flowers, tiny narrow streets full of flowers and colours.

Genova and Padova (Italy)
Amazing street art, amazing vegan food. (not that I was feeding on foccacia and ice cream)
Hot and sunny.
Not so nice riders in general, We took a bus ride. But we were lucky with our lovely hosts.
Beautiful city garden in Padova.
Students spirit.
I can fall in love with Padova. Nicer people and feeling too.

Torino (Italy)
Gorgeous, beautiful gardens and parks, so nice, walkable, good vide, good food, creative city

Opatija (Croatia)

a personal note

Bardonecchia (Italy)
I’m grateful for all that allows us to arrive here, but that feels like a mixed happy and sad moment.
That not planned moment, when you arrived in the middle of nowhere, Bardonecchia, a border village of Italy with France, looking to the Alpes, beautiful but freezing, very different from where you’ve started the day (Torino).
So you end up entering in a bus with refugees, to cross the border. Where the police ask everybody without documents to go out ‘with them’. Sad. Reality.
Arriving then at night in another tiny village, now in France, no buses, no trains, before the morning. Rain, on the road again without other option

Valence (France)
Maybe is not the most interesting city to visit, but we had friends there, we made friends there. The vide was amazing, we had an incredibly nice host, and we felt very grateful and welcome after feeling a bit like refugees. Sunny and warm. Nice night out, live music, social and friendly, talk with unknown people. Brunch and goodbyes.

“The Last Night”
I’m thinking… but, about the last week? Well, let’s start with the last night.
Waking up… in the middle of nowhere – somewhere in Catalonia (Spain). In our “thousand-stars”, very spacious double bed(room).
Sun shining already, birds singing. The alarm (dog) just appeared and jumped into the bed to say good morning and start to play.
Waking up… tide up the bed. Put things together, backpack…time to go ‘home’!

Barcelona (Spain)
oh Barcelona, unfortunately so crowed by summer. Tourists in too much.
Always a nice spirited city, beautiful buildings, interesting architecture.
Amazing vegan food. It was the final destination. The beginning and the end. And we did it!

“the beginning and end destination of a 13-day hitchhiking journey, through Spain, France, Italy and Croatia. Barcelona has been invaded more and more, for crowds of tourists, for the past years, even more during the summer. Becoming one of the TOP visited cities in Europe, not the best scenario to get the true feeling of a city with several interests, culture, architecture, art…
3 months past the visit, fair enough to review on Barcelona ‘alternative photo-trip’.

from a Hitchhiking tour from Barcelona to Zagreb and all the way back, A journey for Hope and Kindness:
and you learn, you will get whenever you want! But sometimes it will be “little by little”.
You will find the good and kind people, doesn’t matter how many will pass by, how many are unkind… you just need to meet the ‘right’ ones. …and you will feel really grateful each time that happens!
Grateful for such kind people appear and do something that doesn’t change their path but changes all in yours, taking you further and further. Inspiring you.

And you will be grateful having any quiet space to spend the night, any comfort, sharing food, having a seat on the floor, listening to a random kind person playing music for hours… looking to the sea, waiting for the sunset. Relax, breath, keep calm. Maybe plans will get wrong. Maybe we’ll need to adapt, but we are here and now, safe and alive!
Beautiful strangers sharing a ride, sharing their house, garden, food, helping with directions on the street, the ones trying to help as they’d help any friend… Philosophical, funny and crazy conversations. Thank you^^

Enjoy the adventure that life is. The journey… and the insanity of Hoping!


Conclusões de uma viagem á boleia de Barcelona a Zagreb e voltar. Uma jornada de esperança e solidariedade:

e aprendes, chegarás sempre onde quiseres! Mas às vezes será “pouco a pouco”.
Encontrarás as pessoas boas e gentis, não importa quantas passem por ti, quantas não o são …só precisas de encontrar as “pessoas certas”. …e vais-te sentir realmente grato/a cada vez que isso acontecer!

Grata por pessoas tão gentis, aparecem e fazem algo que não altera o seu caminho, mas muda tudo na tua vida, levando-te cada vez mais longe. Inspirando-te!
…E serás grato por ter um espaço calmo para passar a noite, qualquer conforto, partilhar comida, sentar-se no chão, ouvir uma pessoa aleatória amável a tocar música por horas …olhando para o mar, esperando o pôr-do-sol . Relaxa, respira, fique calmo. Talvez os planos vão dar errado. Talvez tenhamos que os adaptar, mas estamos aqui e agora, segura/os e viva/os!
‘Estranhos’ mas amigos, que nos dão boleia, partilham sua casa, jardim, comida, ajudando com as direcções na rua, que tentam ajudar como ajudam qualquer amigo …Conversas filosóficas, divertidas e loucas. Obrigada ^^

Desfruta da aventura que a vida é. A jornada … e a insanidade de ter Esperança!

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