Is Worldpackers Vegan-friendly?

As a Vegan traveler myself and using Worldpackers, I’ve decided to list some of the places with potential for vegans, vegetarians and whoever may enjoy as well, to have a more environmentally friendly experience, or with animal welfare or health!

Vegan-friendly Hosts

First of all, you show know that you can filter the hosts on Worldpackers and there is an option for “Vegetarian / vegan”, which is amazing!

Hosts > Style > Vegetarian / Vegan… and you will find out there are around

  • 460  opportunities listed!!
  • 90 > Europe
  • 173 > South America

Second, you can use the filter or not; Because the truth is… most hosts who offer breakfast, are vegan-friendly. As for any other experience, you just need to check the activities/conditions/ and choose whatever you like the most…


90 Vegan-friendly hosts, using Worldpackers filter!

Where do you want to go?

These are the 5 countries with more opportunities:

  1. Portugal
  2. Spain   
  3. Italy
  4. France
  5. Germany

In Europe, the country with more places listed as vegan-friendly is Portugal, but unfortunately, that doesn’t mean the best places are there (and as vegan Portuguese Worldpacker I’m sad saying this!)

Anyway, besides these 5… there are very interesting hosts in: Belgium, Sweden, United Kingdom, Netherlands,  Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, Croatia…
Actually the host listed in Croatia was one of my Worldpackers experiences!

In my Wishing List

  1. Help an Animal Sanctuary in Germany

Do you love animals? They are waiting to be your friends!
Besides this project it’s very near Berlin – one of the most amazing cities in Europe to visit as a vegan into exploring restaurants, etc

  1. Learn Permaculture and Bio-construction in Bulgaria

Curious and interested in having a hands-on experience permaculture gardening, natural building, geodesic domes, rustic house renovation, etc? For me it sounds extra interesting!

South America

173 Vegan-friendly hosts, using Worldpackers filter!

Where do you want to go?

These are the 5 countries with more opportunities:

  1. Brazil
  2. Colombia  
  3. Chile    
  4. Peru
  5. Argentina

You can also take a look in: Ecuador, Bolivia

Uau, Brazil has over 100 places listed as Vegan-Friendly! What about quality?

To refer that some places offering Yoga classes, all meals etc, actually ask for a additional fee. It’s always important to read all the description, photos and reviews, before applying.

In my Wishing List

North America to finish

26 hosts are listed, I’d say a few of them are interested, in:


Central America still editing

Costa Rica

Porto Rico

In my Wishing List


117 Vegan-friendly hosts in Asia, filtering for Vegan/Vegetarian!

Who loves Asian food?

These are the 4 countries with more opportunities:

Índia    45
Nepal   25

Vietnã  13
Tailândia   7

And you may as well check the following countries (as there is at least 1 Vegan friendly place, already listed!)
Israel, Filipinas, Turquia, Mongólia, Taiwan, Japão, China, Myanmar and Indonesia!
Only 2 examples:

How about a “Buddhist meditation center” in Myanmar! When you can learn much more than meditation and a real experience among mongs and Buddhist community.

And in China

And in Indonesia


22 listed places as Vegan Friendly in Africa, although the activities are mostly connected with teaching, community projects, etc.
If you really want to travel to one of these places/projects, but are worried with food options, just contact the host and make all the questions directly!
Maybe you are interested in:

Explore Without Filters

Explore outside of the filters too!
Specially if you are considering hosts that don’t include meals, that’s pretty easy to stay in a place when you are the responsible for your food.
I’ve stayed in 3 great places that are not listed as VG. Some of the most beautiful and vegan-friendly cities of Europe, such as Prague!

Some regions, for instance Oceania, there are only 1 host listed as VG in Australia, but you can probably like other places either in Australia either in New Zeland.

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