Nothing but Memories

We are nothing but memories…
We’re nothing else than what we remember about.
In our life, only the people and things we remember about, are important. If we think about them. If we do…
Would you agree?
Have you ever even thought about it?
Things are only part of our life if we remember and think about them.
Either bad, either good.

What do you think would happen, if you’d forget about everything. If you’d wake up, having no memory of your life…nothing?
Isn’t it like (re-)born?
Would you be the same person without your memories? 
Would you like the same things, would you love the same people?
Would anything at all mean anything to you…

Memories… Hold our fears, our traumas, our learning, feelings, love… everything that is important to us.
Memories hold ourselves.
What we know, the way we behave, our habits, is not everything only memories of the good/bad experience, good/bad emotions…

Isn’t it because of our memories… that many of us get hold by our past, by our mistakes, regrets… not fully enjoying the present and our life?
Or also trying to anticipate a future, lost beforehand in anxiety, because we ‘think’ that our bad memories may happen again, repeat…

The value we give to anything, it’s only in our mind, our memories.
I wonder, on the last day of our life,
in the very ‘end’, will we have anything besides memories?

Would be wise to make and keep positive ones then…

Photo by Thomas Kinto on Unsplash
Photo by Thomas Kinto on Unsplash

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