Tragedy or Luck

All your body hurts…
Finally, you fall on a soft couch,
After the whole night awake, travelling.
Life happens,
Shit happens.
Tragedy or luck, you can’t tell,
You can’t take conclusions before ends.

Travelling is much like living.

All the pain at the end of this ride, makes all the pain, in the beginning, seem so far away.
That’s something that happens while travelling.
A new perspective.
A distance from your not extreme essential needs. Or clouded emotions.
And you only take awareness of this feeling of comfort, warmth and softness…
All the pain can wait, all the pain can be released.
You’re safe now, right now.
You’ll figure out the rest later… You hope.

How many of your best adventures have started with a crushed heart, a broken mind… a soul in pain.
No planned decisions, last minute and light packing.
No place to go and no place to be.
How many of your best experiences have started, because all became nothing and you got to leave, and you had no choice than taking all the risk and
believe you’re gotta do Great?

“I’m from the world, And the world will be mine!”
You have no choice than to believe in yourself.

# by Evol

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