What have you done… have you travelled enough?
I didn’t. But, is there an ‘enough’ for travelling?


I started the year in Villena, a small but charming village in the northwest of Spain, part of ‘Comunidad Valenciana’ district. Involved by mountains, culturally very active, pleasant places and ambience, a beautiful castle, vegan-friendly in general…
I’ve moved there back in 2014, after living in Almendralejo (Extremadura) also in Spain.
In the last days in Spain, I visited Alicante, and some places around Mar Menor (part of Cartagena).

“Mar Menor, Spain”


Land of Robin Hood and the Little John. I met them near the beautiful Castle of Nottingham and “The Trip to Jerusalem inn”!
Maybe bad decisions end up in good lessons. Hopefully…
This was a short passage, but I did something good while sleeping on the floor in London’s airport I decided that was about time to start writing my travel journal.

Besides that, I got a trip to Paris. What else?


Exactly. Suddenly, I end up lost in Paris (France). Where I’ve lived 3 months of Spring and flowers, between Paris and Saint-Martin-de-Ré.
That was a great chance to recover my French and learn a lot, such a pleasant place to walk around, ride a bike, quite inspiring to write and get into photography wander.
Saint-Martin-de-Ré is one of the communes of Ilê-de-Ré, a very nice place.
Only about that, I wrote already here.

“Paris, France”

Cabo Verde

Half-year was passed, and I have hadn’t been in the same place longer than 3 months until I engaged in something really different and adventurous. Living in a camping based on the beach. A full survival experience. In Sal island in Cabo Verde.
Sal is beautiful… if you look only at the beaches. The sea, the sky. If you enjoy the warm weather, you’re into water sports, or cheap ‘Caipirinhas’ (drink)!
But there is a really ugly side: no natural resources. Often power cuts. Fresh Water shortage, no agriculture, vegetables and fruit can be hard to find sometimes or/and too expensive.
Sal is basically a desert, full of unsustainable tourism! Too expensive in general, for someone doing volunteer work.
There was a hurricane in 2015 to make everything even more challenging… but that wasn’t a usual situation…


Turtles, sharks and other species are endangered. This was the reason I went to Cabo Verde. Marine Turtles Conservation. Even if it’s illegal to kill/sell turtle meat, these beautiful and important animals for the ecosystem – are still at risk of life every time they encounter mankind.

In Sal, I met nice people from everywhere, several places in Europe, Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, other parts… There, one can find as many people from Senegal as Cabo Verde, living.
Do you wanna learn more about sharks conservation? Please look for Nakawe Project (mainly focus on Costa Rica Sharks Conservation) but I had the pleasure to meet them in Sal, helping us making this documentary about turtles.
This documentary also describes pretty well my life in Cabo Verde.

I was in ‘summer’ until the middle of October. Before returning to a COLD Europe…

Sal, Cabo Verde


And unexpectedly, I went to one of the warmest parts of Europe actually: Algarve, Portugal. The nearest city was Silves, a nice place to visit.
Lands of Iberian-Lynx, cheap and very good sweet potato, avocados and ‘medronho’ (fruit and drink), among other things.
To end up the year with the Big Cats. A place nothing similar to the seaside Algarve that tourists describe.
It’s another world, far from the beach, in a very quiet place, isolated, surrounded by mountains and hills, Only reachable through a road which no one else follows, just us.

An immense calm, just the silence going through the valley. I spent Christmas and New Year’s Eve there, decisions. But already with plans for the coming year.

Silves, Portugal

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