Untold Stories

# 1. Spain

First time living abroad,
I was living almost by myself in this huge house…
with this very peculiar balcony connecting all the 1st floor,
around the house.
Vineyards, trees, and mountains were the neighborhood.
Sunsets were beautiful and warm.
Nights were quiet. Only nature would sing
all day and night long. 
Summer was coming to an end,
An adventure only to beginning’

# 2. Last days

From one village to another, last day.
My nomad soul grew.
My soul grew nomad.
I took challenges and chances.
I became vegan (one of the best decisions of my life).
Oh, Spain. Everything got so better in the end…
I’ve wished I could have stayed longer.
But I couldn’t.
In the last days, I’ve traveled around…
Alicante, then
until beautiful Mar Menor (photo).
The coldest day of the year, they told me,
But the sea, the sky, the birds, the sun… was still Amazing!
Then I took a train who took me to the very opposite side of Spain,
with the snow and the real cold winter.

# 3. quit UK

After some amazing months in Spain…
my plans to go to Greece went wrong,
(Greek unstable politic \ economic situation crises, result in national agency-not working).
Plan B: sometimes those go really wrong too.
Living abroad and traveling is not all roses and paradises;
is rather a constant challenge and self-improvement,…
Anyway, since you start, it’s too late to go back.
You can’t quit on yourself 
But sometimes that means you are free to quit!!
(‘shit-jobs or shit life situation, etc)

# 4. Ilê-de-Ré 

Ah, I remember the day I’ve arrived in Ile-de-Ré from Paris, the first time!
What a beautiful sunset! What a peaceful feeling…
Finally a little of comfort and calm.
When plan B goes wrong, sometimes C (sea) is the one!
I had a good time, good food, good walks in nature…
And yet, I thought…I was not Happy. 
You can be in the most amazing place on earth,
What’s inside you matters the most…
And that conclusion made me take a decision for the next move.

# 5. More than Paris

France is so much more and better!
When traveling or living somewhere, it’s an important experience to make friends, meet up with locals. Right? all kind of friends 😍
Ile-de-Ré in spring is really a magic place 
My free time was spent cycling around,
Getting lost in nature, observing plants and animals.
I’ve been traveling solo for many years,
even if I never thought in myself as a solo-traveler…
rather someone jumping around, a nomad.

# 6. Cabo Verde

“In this day, we sat on the floor playing with the Senegalese shop guy…
While he would tell us more about his life,
Always smiling, and saying he liked to talk and play,
even if we wouldn’t buy anything”
We don’t play only to win but to have fun.
Then what are we doing, when living but not fully enjoying life?

# 7. Zagreb

My first house in ZG was 2 min away from the train station.
The first time I took a train in Croatia, I had this funny awkward experience
being locked inside! Trying and failing to open the door… and going out 1 village further the one I was supposed to.
Me and 3 other people I met at the door (while thinking “oh shit, we gotta go out here…wait. wait. no, shit…”)
Croatia was the only place I’ve lived longer… besides my birth-country. And the only place I considered to stay longer…
The last time, the last day I was there… there were this 2 angels who helped me to get the tram on time, or I’ve realized later, I’d be late to get my bus.
(It’s very nice, when you feel so heartbreak, someone smiling at you, showing you some kindness… and pushing you a little to avoid a total disaster! hvala*)

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