Volunteer at Funk Lounge Hostel in Zagreb

Zagreb is the city I have chosen for my second Worldpackers experience.
I have lived in Zagreb before, back in 2016-2017, so it’s a familiar and friendly place which feels like home.
I’ve stayed in the Funk Lounge Hostel, located less than 30 min walking from the main square, less than 15 min by tram, for 3 weeks.

Zagreb view fom upper town
Zagreb view fom upper town

Funk Lounge Hostel

Relax and cosy place, a cool and funky ambience. I do love their decoration, the almost 70 plants, couches and cute sitting and reading corners… the hammocks are the best!
The Funk bar, where you can have breakfast and drink your ‘free shot’ of a traditional drink offered in check-in (not necessarily in this order; and the next ones you need to pay)… it’s also a nice place to hang-out!

As a volunteer, I found Funk a very relaxed and ‘family’ ambience, some really nice and fun people working and volunteering there! Besides that, you’re close to Maksimir Park, the mountains and the city centre.

7 Top attractions in Zagreb

  • Wander through the city centre, upper town, pass by the National Theatre, enter the Botanical Garden. If you have extra time, go for a walk in Maksimir.
  • Visit and buy fresh fruit in Dolac farmer marker (or any other market around the city)!
  • Enter in any bakery and look for burek or pita of potato (krumpir-om)! Buy/eat one. You are welcome!
  • Hiking day in Medvednica mountain (Sljeme)
  • Lovely Christmas advent (during December)
  • Music and cinema festivals (all year round). There’s nothing happening? Go out for a coffee/beer and try Rakija! (not necessarily at the same time, it’s up to you)
  • Day trip to Plitvice Lakes National Park! This beautiful place will blow your mind at any time of the year!
Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia
Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia


I’m a night-owl.
In Funk, I was one of two people doing the night shift from midnight to 8 am). There are also volunteers for housekeeping and cleaning from 11 am -to 3 pm
The arrival day was only to get to know the Hostel, time to go to the supermarket, exchange some money, the basic things! And visit old friends in town…

What have I learnt

Mostly, reception work (check-in, check-out guests, reservations, etc).
I had a good training in my first days! 
It was overall a good experience.

How much did I spend

One of the advantages of volunteering at a Hostel is obviously to stay for free; besides that, the breakfast was included.
There is a kitchen where guests can cook or store items in the fridge – that’s a good way to save money.
I’ve spent around 40 euros in 3 weeks, counting with 2-3 eats out (in Green Point – a fast-food vegetarian restaurant)

Zagreb's botanic garden, Croatia
Zagreb’s botanic garden, Croatia

Is this host for you?

I would recommend this host to any person interested in visiting Zagreb, is interesting, easy to walk around, good connection with many other cities.

  • Travellers in general:
    This city has many point of interest, getting more and more active in the last years, you can go for the historic part, monuments, museums, architecture, nature, gardens, birdwatching, hiking, bars and parties, markets, meeting other travellers, etc
  • Vegans/vegetarians:
    A vegan-friendly city. Even if there are only a couple of fully vegan restaurants and a few more vegetarian ones… It’s possible to find vegan options in over 45 places (Happy Cow data). Besides that, in supermarkets and health stores you can find all kind of goodies. There are amazing farmer markets all over the city to find all good fruits, veggies and other items. And almost in any bakery, you can get delicious ‘potato burek’ (burek z krumpirom), pita, etc. 
  • Digital nomads/ freelancers:
    If you stay here, you’ll surely have some free time to work in your personal projects, you can have your laptop in the reception and can catch up on some projects while there’s nobody there. Some days you will have more time than others.

Besides all that, you will see new people every day who you can meet and exchange experiences, contacts, share you’re working (if you’re a freelancer) etc.

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