Volunteer in Hostels

The first time I’ve volunteered at a hostel was in Prague, Czech Republic.
It was also my first experience using Worldpackers, and it was a very fine first experience!

I would recommend volunteering at a Hostel to any person who is interested in visiting and staying somewhere for a longer time, meeting other travellers and locals; and who wants or don’t mind doing some hours of work (of course!).

Either if you’re just travelling around for a long-term cultural exchange; if you are a digital nomad and use your free time to work and personal projects;
You will probably have the opportunity to meet new people every day and exchange experiences, contacts, share your work, socialise etc.`Hostels can be a good opportunity!

Choose the right place for you

Before going somewhere you should communicate with your host and make sure you know all the provided conditions, all sort of things you will care about during your stay.

Things you need to pay attention:

  • How many hours per week you will work
  • How many days off
  • What activities you will do
  • What opportunities you may have
  • What conditions are offered (dorm, food…)
  • How long you can/want to stay


There are hostels looking for volunteers in many different cities, many different countries, all over the world!
Since the biggest and most touristic places, to the smallest and most quiet villages.

For how long

Each Hostel has its own requirements. Some want the volunteer to stay at at least only 5 days, others ask for at least 2 or 3 weeks of stay, or longer.
Some of them have maximum duration too.

Doing what?

You will surely get a general idea of how a hostel is organized…
But each place can be asking for different things!

  • Housekeeping
  • Bartender
  • Reception
  • Night-shift;
  • Cleaning;
  • Tour-guide;
  • Events promotion / Animator,
  • etc, etc..

You can choose the place, considering what you like to do most, what you don’t mind doing or want to learn. etc

Working time vs free time

That depends, not only from hostel to hostel (and what activities you’re doing). But also of how busy the hostel is at that moment.
Some days can be much longer than others, depending on the check in and check outs number.

Anyway, every place should give at least 1 full day off per week; Many give 2 days off; And normally as a night-shift volunteers you should get 3 days off…because you’re doing more hours. You will find different requests, around 25h/weeks is one of the most commom.
Sometimes the hostels that ask for more hours (30-35h/week) are also the ones that offer more conditions (more free meals, etc)

Saving money

One of the advantages of volunteering at a Hostel is obviously to stay for free; besides that, some hostels will include some meal(s), free laundry, free tours,

Most of them have a kitchen where guests can cook or store items in the fridge – so you can cook and surely save money (and eat healthier), instead of eating out all the time.

Use your free time well, and have fun!

Questions? Ask me!

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