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“Slow Traveling”

Have you ever think about volunteer a few hours a day of your time, in exchange of staying for free somewhere, as a Hostel or someone’s house…
While you can take your time, to visit a new place, the city of your dreams, maybe somewhere you will meet new friends, etc

Worldpackers is a website where you can find this kind of opportunity!
You can find most of the information in the website, and even better you can ask someone using it already (Expert) as for instance, me!!

What do you find here?
Hostels, Permaculture, Eco projects, particulars asking for help in any projects, teaching languages, etc
What is offered?
Accommodation for free; most project include at least breakfast; some projects include more food/meals…(or money to cover for it).
Where: all around the world

  • It’s possible to check hosts and register, but to contact them is require a 1-year membership (42 euros).
  • There are 2 ways to possibly recover this money after starting any experience through this website: writing an article about your travel or answering to others about your experience!

Ask me!

Other questions about Worlpackers, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Prague, Genova or any other country/city I’ve visited/lived already, ask me!

At the moment I’m in Italy – you can find more photos and articles soon on my Instagram and Facebook!

Questions? Ask me 

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